casa chocolates - A Texas original

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We all love chocolate 

We love chocolate, you love chocolate. We make really good chocolate. We start with origin-sourced beans from Peru, Vietnam, Ecuador and other regions and turn them into wonderful bars for your enjoyment. We make it Texas by adding locally grown Pecans, peppers and fruit on some of our signature bars. For others, we present them with no additives - just pure enjoyment. All are gluten free and completely natural. No added chemicals here. 

Our History

This all started as a whim one night in early 2014 when I purchased a make-chocolate-at-home kit on-line. While the results were better than a store bar, they clearly needed improvement. Over the next three years, I developed methods, techniques and purchased machinery that allowed me to carefully control the production of cacao to bars. Beans had to be tested, roasted a multitude of times and ways and then samples tried and rejected or improved. Each bean has its own flavor profile and is a different animal. It takes an amazing amount of time to get it right. 

We are so happy to bring the results of this adventure to y0u. We will continue to sample new beans and bring the best of each one out so that we can get you the best bars we can make. Thank you for understanding and supporting our obsession with quality chocolate.